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Baldoon Mystery


The famed Baldoon Mystery began in 1830 with the events occurring at the home of John T. McDonald, son of an original settler. One day as the McDonald women were weaving in a barn, three beams fell into the circle of workers. Unable to explain the event the women fled in terror. Similar events continued to haunt the farm--strange noises, freak fires, flying stones & bullets & dying livestock. Desperate, John sought the help of a girl, the daughter of Dr. Troyer famed of Long Point, Ontario. She was said to have the ability to read moonstones. She told John that if he used a silver bullet to shoot the stray, black-headed goose that had been wandering his farm, his troubles would end. He fashioned a silver bullet and hit the goose in the wing, and soon after an old woman living nearby was seen with her arm in a sling. His problems were over. Some believe this neighbour had been the source of the problems since John had refused to sell part of his land to her. Most people believe that this ended the abnormal events that occurred in this area. 


The Baldoon Mystery has brought much attention to Wallaceburg. The Globe newspaper of Toronto published the events as they occurred & the story was republished in 1986. Deckhands of a passenger excursion vessel, the Thousand Islander, pointed out the site to passengers during the 1920's. Testimonials of prominent local figures who lived through and were involved in the Mystery add credibility to the tale.

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