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Jeanne Gordon Hall

Jeanne Gordon Hall


The Jeanne Gordon Hall is the perfect choice for all your social or business engagements. The hall has been used to host business meetings, martial art classes, drama camps, yoga classes, wedding receptions, worship services, concerts, lectures, workshops, birthday parties, office parties, and much more! In 2016, the hall was renovated thanks to grants from the Community Futures Development Corporation, South Kent Wind Community Fund, Chatham Kent Community Foundation, and Community Partnership Fund of Chatham-Kent. The theatre has a very interesting history.

The Jeanne Gordon Hall houses a stage that measures 25½ feet wide, 21½ feet deep and 3 feet above the theatre floor. The auditorium measures 44 feet by 40 feet. The auditorium has seating for up to 150 people without tables, and 130 with tables. The screen measures 20 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The theatre has a sound and lighting booth, a bar area with a fridge and sink, and a heating/air conditioning system. The theatre is on the second floor of the museum building and is accessible by a stairwell and an elevator. The theatre has excellent accoustics, just as it did in 1927 when it was first used by Estel Von Ayres.

A well-known musician, Estel Von Ayres (1892-1990) began his musical career at the age of 12 as the choir director of First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg. Known as "Mr. Music", he staged many musical productions such as Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, organized and directed the Wallaceburg Kiltie Band, formed the Wallaceburg High School Band and Glee Club and led the Wallaceburg Chapter of S.P.E.B.Q.S.A. (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America). Of special note is the fact that the first person to use the theatre when it opened in March 1927, was E. Von Ayres who directed a 50-voice choir and a 30-piece band. 


The Jeanne Gordon Hall is located on the the top floor of the museum. Drama, musical events, fine arts displays, drama camps, cabarets, art camps, Tae Kwon Do classes -- even pet obedience courses --are presented throughout the year.

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