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GlasFax Donates Sydenham Glass Co. Catalogue in Successful Event

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The Jeanne Gordon Hall stage was set early Saturday morning in anticipation of a few guests and speakers who were coming Canada-Wide to donate a rare artifact, and partake in the celebration and education surrounding the Sydenham Glass Company's past. Past glassworkers, GlasFax Canada members, Wallaceburg Museum staff and volunteers and members of the public took a quick tour of the museum and headed up to the Vonn Ayres Cultural Centre (Jeanne Gordon Hall) for the presentation which was live-streamed on the Museum's new official Youtube.

The day consisted of show and tell, presentations and the artifact donation. Roger, a past worker of the glass factory (and museum volunteer/member) was in receivership of the artifact on behalf of the Museum. The Sydenham Glass Catalogue is planned to be properly handled before being displayed this year in the Glass Gallery. The Wallaceburg Museum would like to thank everyone for their support, and especially the GlasFax Canada group for their donation.

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