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Museum makes a splash at WAMBO 33

Annually the Wallaceburg Museum has hosted an outdoor event in conjunction with the WAMBO celebration, and this year’s edition saw an increase in traffic. This year’s event took place August 13th in

the Museum’s Parkette and kicked off with a presentation by the Ontario Trillium Foundation who awarded the Museum with a $50,000 grant this year. The event included the Baldoon Witch with her goat “Stewy” and her pony “Thunder”, face painting, Plinko, pluck-a-duck, crafts, rope making, a BBQ, Dunk tank, gift shop sales and prizes!

Despite the “Walking Bridge” being out of service, families and friends gathered at the museum and filled the parkette and exhibit halls. “It was spectacular to see the Museum thriving and alive as we have had a rough go since the pandemic.”, said Henry Van Haren (President of the Wallaceburg Historical Society).

The Museum estimates that the weekend generated over $3000 in donations. Events coordinator Chris Glassford attributes the success to the hard work of staff and volunteers at the Wallaceburg & District Museum, and the lack of activities over the past two years. “ I can’t say it enough, we have an awesome team here at the Wallaceburg Museum and each and every person who helped make this event possible deserves a huge pat-on-the-back!”, Glassford said.

The Wallaceburg Museum is now planning more events including Baldoon Days; a pioneer experience, and other events which will capture the community involvement.

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