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The Art Gallery

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Gallery centre.jpg
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Art Gallery Details:

This room became a reality with the help of the Ontario Trillium Foundation funds. It was dedicated on April 15, 2008 to Alan Frank Mann. Alan (Al) Mann was a local historian devoted to educating the people of this area with the History of Wallaceburg. 

The Art Gallery is 31 feet 3 inches long and 11 feet 7 inches wide.

In The Gallery, there are mounting panels on 3 walls which are 6'3" from the top of the panel to the floor. 

The smallest panel is 8’ long.

The longest panel is 28’ long.

The other wall has a 24’ panel.

There is a Hallway Space with three sections. The two outside sections are 3’2” wide and the height is 4’. 

The middle section is 5’10” wide with a space of 1’11” high to the first shelf and then 1’10” from the shelf to the top.

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