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Donations are Welcome


Single $20/year,

Family $25/year


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tours and appointments may be arranged.
Call 519-627-8962 to book.


The Wallaceburg and District Museum
is open year-round with some exceptions.

To access the research room archives,
please book an appointment ahead of time

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Our Mission

Our Governance

Funding, Fundrasing and Donation Policy 

The Wallaceburg and District Museum is operated by the Wallaceburg and District Historical Society Inc. Approximately 60% of our revenue is raised through municipal, federal and provincial funds. The remainder, approximately $40,000 per year, must be raised through private and corporate donations. The employees of the Museum are not employees of the Municipality. The Museum depends upon community support in order to provide educational resources for our community. All funds donated to the Wallaceburg and District Museum stay in Wallaceburg to fund programs for our Museum. The Museum is a registered non-profit organization and will provide tax receipts for all donations. The Wallaceburg and District Museum is dedicated to "Preserving the Past for the Future." 



More than half of the museum's funding is acquired through generous donations from individuals, families, businesses and 

non-profit organizations. The museum is operated by the Wallaceburg and District Historical Society, Inc. (a registered non-profit organization). Staff includes the Curator, Events and Marketing Coordinator,  Business Administrator. Many volunteers also offer support. 


Official income tax receipts are issued for donations of money or, in the case of artifacts, for the estimated market value of the item donated. 


The Wallaceburg and District Museum acknowledges the support of the Community and Client Services Department of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation. 




The museum actively fundraises. Some methods include:

  • Monthly Bingos (as member of the Hometown Bingo Association)

  • Bus trips

  • Vendor sales



Donations can be made to the Museum in several ways:

  • Memorial Donations — Everyone who has ever lived in Wallaceburg has a tie to our local history. What better way to help keep our history alive than to make a donation in memory of a friend or loved one who has passed away. Donations to the Museum can be made at the funeral homes upon request.

  • Via the website — Print the donation slip and send in or drop off your donation to the address shown.

  • In Person — Come in and visit the museum. Let our friendly staff provide you with a tour and information about the programs that we provide the community.

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